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EdCast Announces Collaboration with Mastercard

On the second day of our 5th Annual Future of Work Summit, on November 12, EdCast was thrilled to announce our alliance with Mastercard to provide portable upskilling benefits solutions for governments and enterprises to help close skills gaps around the world.
“Upskilling and reskilling are the new must-have employee benefits of the digital age,” said Karl Mehta, EdCast’s CEO and Founder. “By partnering with Mastercard, we will be able to pool our expertise to introduce meaningful solutions that help our changing workforce prosper.” 
“Education and job training are critical to social mobility, and with this partnership, we hope to prepare future generations for a new wave of jobs,” said Laura Mackenzie, senior vice president, Global Prepaid Solutions at Mastercard.
The link to the press release is here: EdCast to Provide Workforce Upskilling Benefits for Governments and Enterprises
If you have any questions about our announcement or our alliance with Mastercard, we can be reached at

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